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Anyone else have a picky eater at home?! I’m pretty sure Archie even knows when I throw in one piece of spinach in his smoothie! The kid is talented when it comes to knowing if there’s anything remotely healthy in his food! I found this LivFit Superfood Blend that has the equivalent of a few cups of fruits and veggies in each serving (2 scoops)!

Since I have been using this Superfood Blend I haven’t had any issues with Archie getting the nutrients in that he needs. I tested this today with adding two scoops in one of Archie’s favorite meal, Annie’s Mac & Cheese! He didn’t even notice a difference when it came to flavor. He actually had two servings of it! I even tried a bite of it to test out the flavor, and it tasted just like good ol’ Mac & Cheese! I will call that a mom win!

Here is the “Recipe” if that’s what you would call it! It’s super easy!

I even did 4 sets of 20 squats using my Resistance Bands! haha. Call me weird, but if I can get some type of work out in, I’m all for it!

You can even just following the instructions on the back of the box, and just add two scoops of the SuperFood Blend! Hope you and your kiddos enjoy this easy recipe!



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