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If you know me, you know that I love me some caffeine! Actually, I feel like most moms need caffeine in order to get stuff done! Since I love energy drinks, pre-workout, etc. I thought I would share my favorite go-to drinks! I also have to clarify that I don’t drink all of this in one day! I’m pretty sure I’d die! I just like to have options different days! And lucky for you, I do have some promo codes for some of these products to make them even more affordable!


1. Perk Energy: I have loved this product since the first time I used it! It is probably my favorite drink to sip on in the mornings I need a “pick me up”. I also love that it has collagen. Collagen helps with the elasticity in our skin and helps us glow and look younger. Click here to purchase. You can use promo code: “Jess15” at checkout for an additional 15% off your order!

2. Bang Energy Drinks: So I’ve heard about these energy drinks quite a bit the past few months, and I finally got my hands on one over the weekend. Lets just say these bad boys are a GAME CHANGER. I got the Cotton Candy flavor and it rocked my world! I actually ended up going to Winco a day later a snagged as many as I could. The three places I found you can purchase them in Utah are, VASA Fitness Protein Shop, Winco, and Amazon. (Click Here) to buy on Amazon. The best price was found at Winco where I purchase each can for $1.75. I have been told that this is a good drink to have before a work out because of the amount of caffeine, and the creatine base in it. (and no, the creatine in this drink will not make you gain weight).

3. Rockstar Lemonade: I have drank Rockstar Recovery (Lemonade flavor) for years! I love the lemonade flavor and there are only 10 calories in a can which I love. There is also an orange flavor which is good, but I prefer the Lemonade over it. I only buy the orange ones when I don’t want Sam to drink my energy drink. Haha. He is an energy DRINKER! I also sometimes drink this before a workout.

4. Ideal Lean Watermelon Ice Pre-Workout: Okay so this is a pre-workout. Which means I only drink it before a hard/intense workout and I need that boost. I try not to take a pre-workout before every workout because I don’t want my body to get used to it. Click here to purchase and use the promo code “JessicaP” to get a 10% discount on your purchase.

5. Crystal Light Energy: I have always loved these caffeine drinks! I love that they are a super easy on-the-go option. All you need is a packet and a water bottle. My favorite flavor is the Peach Mango. You can find Crystal Light Energy at any local grocery store. You can also Click here and purchase it on Amazon (10 count, pack of 6).

6. Sports Beans: Jelly Belly knows what they’re doing when it comes to a CANDY that also has caffeine in it! This is seriously my most favorite thing to carry with me on a long run and I need to not only get energy in me, but spike up my blood sugar! You can click here to purchase.

7. Zipfizz: Alright, the reason I love Zipfizz is because its a natural caffeine. It is just a big dose of vitamin B12. I love this when I don’t want to consume actual caffeine but I need a pick-me-up. I also like to put it in my water bottle, and drink it while I’m at the gym if I’m getting tired. Careful when you put it in your water bottle though, it fizzes QUICK and can overflow! I like purchasing ZipFizz at Costco, but you can also click here to purchase on Amazon. My favorite flavor is the one linked on Amazon (Pink Lemonade).

Now go treat-yo’self and snag a new drink to try! Notice that the only drink I took a picture with was Bang Energy? Probably because it’s my new fav!



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