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Hey Guys! So this week has been full of pink hair, and a lot of tears from Archie (and me) from him getting bit by a freaking horse! We are definitely ready for the weekend over here at the Pugmire Household! So here’s the short story of Archie getting his finger by a horse… (if you don’t want to read it and just want to get with the PINK HAIR, go ahead and skip this and scroll down. I won’t be offended;) haha).


I decided to take Archie to the Thanksgiving Pointe Farm yesterday, and have taken him numerous times without any problem. I bought him some animal food when we checked in (like we always do) so he could feed the animals. He was having the time of his life on his horsey ride, feeding the chickens, and saying “HI SHEEP!”.

And then… I became the worst mom in the history of the world and said, “Archie, lets go feed that horse, he looks hungry!” I laid his hand out flat with some food, and the horse went in but put Archie’s entire right hand in his mouth. I think Archie and I both froze for a second in disbelief wondering what in the world was going on, and then I finally let out a big scream because the horse wouldn’t let his hand go. It scared the horse away, and at that moment all I saw was blood. I thought Archie’s middle finger had been bitten off. By that time, Archie was screaming at the top of his lungs so scared, sad, and in pain. I just wanted to take that pain away from him as his mother.

There weren’t any workers around, so I rushed him to the front entrance and told a worker what had happened. The medical staff came over and told me that it didn’t look broken, but was swelling up pretty bad. I told them I’d take him to the doctors just to make sure everything was okay.

I took him to the doctors and was reassured that his finger wasn’t broken, but the horse had chomped it pretty good. It should be healed and good by next week, and I feel so blessed that he still has his finger! His diet yesterday consisted of coke, slurpees and suckers. I had to give him a day of love, and happiness after that freak incident!



DIY Pink Hair!

I’ve had many of you asking what I use to color my hair pink! First off, I would only recommend doing this if you have blonde hair. It will not work if you have darker hair. Pictured are the products I use to get and maintain my hair:


****Words Highlighted in BLUE are linked to the product. Click on it to be directed in a new tab for purchase and pricing.

I first use the L’Oreal Light Pink Colorista in my hair (directions on box). After I put the Colorista in my hair, I also add L’Oreal Color Corrector Conditioner. This is a purple conditioner that just helps bring more of the silver tones to the pink vs. orange. I let those two products combined sit in my hair for 15min (I wouldn’t recommend leaving it in any longer than that) and then wash it out. That’s it!

For maintaining the pink, I use this Pink Conditioner by Keracolor which I love! They also have a Rose Gold option which I’m totally going to get! You also can use a Purple Shampoo once or twice a week. I wouldn’t use it more than that because it can dry out your hair. My favorite Purple Shampoo is this No Yellow Purple Shampoo by Fanola. It’s awesome and totally affordable!

Let me know if you end up pinking out your hair this summer! I’d love to see it! 🙂




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