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Okay guys! Cheers to the freakin weekend! On my last insta post, I had a lot of people asking me where this cute Diet Coke shirt is from! Click here to buy it! Before you buy it though, know that it runs big so buy a size down from your normal! I got a size small, and I wish I would’ve gotten an XS! I just tie mine in a cute little knot though and wear with high rise jeans.


And if you’re looking for some good high rise black jeans like mine in the pic, click here to buy! They are seriously my new favorite pants! Stretchy, comfy, and high rise (which I love)!

I know so many people sent me their favorite candies on my instagram post, so I thought I’d share my top 5 FAVORITE candies!

  1. Kazoozles (sweet tart straws). They’re AMAZING!!
  2. Twizzlers pull n peel! I could EASILY eat a bag of these in a sitting! haha
  3. Strawberry Sourbelts
  4. Mini Starburst (I like the fav reds)
  5. I guess I can share a chocolate fav… and that would hands down be carmelos!

Definitely go try those five candies out and let me know what you think! Because they are AMAZING!

Sam always jokes around with me because when we are supposed to be listening to something important, he’s on his phone doing things (he can multi-task, unlike me). And then he’ll see me five minutes later on Amazon trying to figure out how much certain candies are in bulk! haha. I’m weak when it comes to candy! I just love it so darn much! The dentist must LOVE me because I’ve always got a cavity to fill! haha.

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!



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